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It all starts with you. Not the proverbial, generic 'you' that is swallowed by all of the details of your wedding, but rather the real 'you' that has come to this point because you have been so moved by another.

I want to discover all of the little things that make you who you are. What excites you? What do you dream about? Would you rather go to the beach or on a ski trip? Gone are the questions about venues, vendors, and schedules and on to things that are much more meaningful to your story.

In discovering all of these little things that make you who you are, I become inspired - inspired to tell not only 'a story' but to tell 'your story'. How I approach your imagery from the technical side to the actual subject matter is fundamentally guided by this inspiration.

My imagery is a celebration of life, love, and a celebration of you. It is a labour of love whose fruits are an experience as meaningful as the product, and a product that says something intriguing and relevant.

You're invited to share this journey with us.